Milica's comprehensive range of services our designed to address every aspect of your well-being, fostering a holistic

approach to health that nurtures your body, mind, and soul.


Radionics is a biophysics-based approach to health and wellness. It utilizes instruments that send intrinsic data field frequencies (information) to find out the condition of the body and then uses the same instrument to send information back to the body so the body responds to the information and changes. It is actually the body healing itself because of the new information. With the use of either hair samples or a picture of the person (both have the person's photons) to pick up the information from the body and transmit the information to the body. The photons from the original source (for a person or animal) are exactly the same as the photons of the sample source (hair or pic). It is the photons of the sample source that receive the informati1 Columnon and instantaneously the original source is impacted by the information that allows the body to begin to heal.

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

During Sex & Intimacy Coaching we look at: ​*What your top 3 desires are for sex & intimacy now and in the future*Establish what you have is limiting you*Develop a plan of action that includes communication, bonding, and other relationship skills.

Mitzvah Technique

Enjoy gentle, deeply effective movement to release tension and stress. This is an effective treatment for anyone who has had injuries, or currently has mobility issues or pain anywhere in the body and would like to release it. This work is done with clothing on.